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November/December 2005

The Freedom Library:

Along with a few other resources to follow, I learned of the Freedom Library at the Freedom Summit. It's an educational clearinghouse focusing on teaching others, primarily young people, about the founding fathers and others' roles in advancing the freedom philosophy and individual liberty. Located in Yuma, Arizona, the Freedom Library: lends books, CDs, and other resources; offers scholarships for young people to study the freedom philosophy; sponsors a monthly freedom discussion; and publishes original content online and in a local newspaper. All contributions support their programs -- there are no paid staffers.

Site overview: Easy to read and navigate. Unfortunately, it looks as though past "Liberty Moments" aren't archived on the site. Calendar of events makes it easy to keep tabs on their activities, and check out the very good prices on the books they sell. If you've pro-freedom books you'd like to donate to a worthy cause, I'm hard-pressed to think of a better one -- books in Spanish would probably be appreciated too, since Yuma is very close to the Mexico border.

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From my first glimpse of B.W. Richardson's blog, I expected I'd like what he has to say. In the title space, in all caps, he has "Refuse to be afraid", and for an image, he has a wicked cool Simon Jester graphic. So far, I've not been disappointed in the least. Begun in July of this year, Richardson stays fairly true to the promise inherent in his masthead -- that is, he spends a good amount of time exploring pro-freedom culture, primarily in novels and movies. He also seems to take great delight in skewering politicians, especially Bushnev, fairly regularly.

Site overview: Subdued blue Blogger site that's clean-looking and easy to read. Judicious use of graphics adds interest without bogging load times. RSS (Atom) feed available; commenting open. A gem!

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Freedom's Phoenix:

Billed as a portal to political news and information with the intention of "reigniting the flames of freedom in Arizona", Freedom's Phoenix is an eclectic mix of news and commentary of interest to any freedom-loving person in this country. It's bloglike, with editors adding links and excerpts from news stories to the home page; editorials and feature articles -- some apparently exclusive to this site -- are available by following links atop the home page.

Site overview: A smallish white text area that's pretty easy to read is surrounded by advertisements -- most of them for pro-freedom services or businesses whose purveyors are pro-freedom -- and a blue-striped background. It makes for a fairly busy look, but a readable one all the same. No RSS feed; commenting available only to registered users (registration is free). A good resource for newshounds trying to keep up with all the chicanery going on, in the USSA and beyond.

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Better Than Yours:

Better Than Yours is a web hosting business run by pro-freedom activists, chiefly the Kielsky family. Having met them at the Freedom Summit, and having seen how hard they all worked there, I gotta say I was impressed. They offer a variety of services, and have an impressive client list. Having heard good things about their level of service in various circles, it's likely I'll be joining that list soon. If you're in the need for web hosting or related services, check them out -- but do it with your speakers off, as the home page automatically loads a fairly intrusive, drum-heavy music snippet. Good prices, satisfied customers, and fellow travelers -- need I say more?

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A brand-spanking new blog by David Friedman, launched on December 9. Despite many friends recommending various of his books, I've not read any -- mostly because I thought they'd be more technical and jargon-filled than I've time for these days. After hearing him speak at this year's Freedom Summit, I was mightily impressed -- not just with his ideas but with him as a person as well. He came across as very genuine, and interested in meaningful exchanges of ideas with lots of individuals. Thus, it's a delight to help others discover his blog -- or the man himself, as the case may be.

Wide ranging subjects have been given attention already, and as the blog's title suggests, Friedman appears to be interested in exploring ideas with his readers. I plan to be a regular reader, and expect that I'll be getting a lot of food for thought as well.

Site overview: Straightforward Blogger blog, using a comfortable, easy to read template. Virtually no graphics makes for fast load times. Comments are open, and David regularly follows up on comments by others. RSS (Atom) feed available. As I said, it's brand new, so time will tell if he keeps up with the promising start he's made.

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The SenSlip:

And now for something completely different ... What do you give the special man in your life who seemingly has everything? Well, if he was circumcised, you might consider giving him his foreskin back, in a manner of speaking. SenSlips are latex-based "undergarments" designed to protect the glans from friction, as a foreskin does in intact males. Seamless and retractable, SenSlips appear to be the best way to help a cut male regain sensitivity. Ten sizes help assure proper fit. SenSlips aren't for anyone who's latex sensitive, and they aren't cheap, but they might be just the thing to help some men enjoy sexual activities more. (Link goes to a "safe" page, with no potentially objectionable images. Inside the site are photos, schematic diagrams, and videos. And if you're wondering what the hell this has to do with freedom, think in terms of the freedom to choose ... and the freedom to pursue and enjoy pleasure.)

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