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April 2006

The Zone:

Whirled through science eyes is the subtitle of this place, and boy, is it apt. Dr. Lenny and lemme howdt—which is the primary and which is the alter ego I'll leave as an exercise for the reader—come at politics, science, philosophy, and life from interesting angles and with so many clever plays on words it can be difficult to keep up. From metaphysical questions to breathtaking poetry to pretty pictures and incisive commentary, it's quite a place.

Site overview: Blogger site, with frequent graphics. Differing text colors and offbeat spellings might be off-putting for some; the latter often have me reading aloud as a grokking aid. Atom feed available; open commenting is allowed. Alas, no list of archives—just a short list of stuff already said—makes browsing older posts exceedingly difficult.

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Lunaya Pravda:

Not yet two months old, this blog by a freedom-loving femme is off to a grand start. And really, how could it not be with a moniker like that? (If you don't get it, brush up on your Heinlein—and shame on you for not recognizing it!) Mostly musings inspired by observing people or reading the news so far, but Gospazha has already shown she can rip into anti-freedom idiots as well. I'm very eager to see how her blog will develop.

Site overview: Standard Blogger site in soothing shades of gray and green. No extra graphics to slow downloads or detract from the content. Atom feed available; commenting is open to all. A friendly place with a lot of promise.

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Yak Attack:

Okay, I'll admit it; when I first discovered lewlew's Yak Attack I was too quick to dismiss it. It's easy for me to look for the uniqueness in an individual in face-to-face interaction, less so for me in blogs ... and I'm wearying of the angry-libertarian themed blogs. I think the name led me to originally conclude the author's male, and to skim and move on. But then I followed a link and ended up back there ... and discovered lewlew's a female ... and then discovered her ongoing series on art. Good pro-freedom content, yes (especially self-sufficiency, from what I've read), but much more that intrigues as well.

Site overview: Also a standard Blogger format of mostly green. Despite the art discussion, no images to slow loading—but abundant links in many posts. And garden talk! I think I've found an online haven. Atom feed is available, and commenting is open. The only thing that's missing is an entry that consists solely of links to the art entries, and a link to it in the sidebar, so that fascinating area is easier to explore.

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Deja Vu:

Experience the history of the web through this amusing and somewhat frustrating site. (Well, they do warn visitors that they're reliving history—it just isn't all in the way one expects.) Visitors can either check out the emulator, which is supposed to show how old browsers used to work. Unfortunately, several seem not to work at all, and those that do often don't work for the links included as suggested destinations. I never was able to plug in a URL of my own choosing and navigate to it successfully. Even so, it was amusing to see the old, monochrome lynx interface I first used to surf the web. Somewhat more satisfying, even though buggy itself, is the timeline. If gopher, elm, bitnet, and UUCP mean nothing to you, go here for a brief peek in the internet's way-way-back machine. All lovingly rendered in the standard Times font and gray background.

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