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April, 2005

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and Tiny Homes:

As part of some research on mobile lifestyles, a friend discovered and pointed me to these two web sites. As the names suggest, tiny homes are fully self-contained, but are much smaller than typical homes. While being marketed as an environmentally-friendly alternative to larger homes, and as a second or extra living space for an elderly family member, student, or guests, they can also be terrific mobile options for a PT'er. With lovely designs and quality construction, this building choice might seem more acceptable to some than a motor home, skoolie, or a yurt; it's certainly more traditional.

Both sites offer examples; it appears from them that Tumbleweed's houses are more mobile than Tiny Homes'. Both offer services, of course, ranging from buying plans one can build from to having them design and build your own unique tiny home. Prices range accordingly, too. To be fully functional, water, sewage, and electricity hookups need to be available wherever you'd set your tiny house, along with a foundation; but those requirements exist for other mobile options as well. If your spouse is intrigued by your desire for a mobile lifestyle, but is not yet ready to give up the traditional-looking home, a tiny house may be just the thing to get her or him singing The Who's Going Mobile

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Craving more pro-freedom science fiction? Check out Doctrinity, a new blog/web site featuring the speculative libertarian science fiction of Liberty Round Table KNA Paul Tietjens. As of this writing, there are only two stories on the site, but both are quite good. Perhaps more traffic -- and encouraging comments -- will provide motivation to add new material. I know I'd like to see more.

Site overview: New site that has undergone changes over my first few visits. Currently fairly graphics-intensive. A bit slow on the downloading because of that, but they're worth the wait. No RSS/Atom feed at present. Sporadically updated; worth a bookmark so you don't forget to check back in for new material.

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I don't remember how I discovered this blog, but I imagine that I was tempted to click on the link at least in part because of the reptilian element in his name. I wasn't disappointed either -- Apesnake is a Canukistani (read: Canadian) pro-freedom individual. I know several people who fit that description, and think highly of each of them. Part of that is because of the good spirits I generally see from them. Apesnake appears similarly endowed, bringing a dry, wicked wit to many of his entries. And anyone who writes, "I am scientifically minded and as logical as I can be given my human ancestry" is more clued in than most individuals.

Site overview: Blogger web site; dependent upon vagaries of that platform. Minimal graphics; fast-loading. No RSS/Atom feed at present. Updated every few days. Good pro-freedom stuff, covering worldwide events and issues.

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