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Sunni:Sunni: Hey Ellis, we finally are in synch at last! [laughs] How are you doing? Handling the adjustment okay so far?

Ellis: Hello, friend. For the readers, I recently moved to New Hampshire from California as a member of the Free State Project, and as it was still winter when Sunni and I first started this, it was a bit chilly. However, I grew up in New England so I’m used to it. Before I bought a coffee maker I would run out to the convenience store down the road for my morning joe, and—retard that I am—would be grinning like an idiot as I enjoyed the 20-degree air freezing my nostrils. The coffee was largely symbolic, compared to the shock of the air. Or, I'm loving it. [chuckles]

Sunni: [laughs] Well, I'm glad you're loving it. I feel like I have to confess—I have been both eagerly anticipating and dreading this day.

Ellis: [loudly] Bah!

Sunni: [laughs] I’ve already publicly come clean that the interviews are my least favorite part of my Salon, but for you, there’s so many interesting ways our conversation might go that I’ve been dying of curiosity to see how it will go. But then on top of my quotidian interview hesitancies, I wonder if we’ll end up jabbering stuff to each other that no one else will find interesting ... not like I’ve never let that stop me before, though! [laughs]

Ellis: Well, if they fail to see the value of my babblings, then more power to ’em.

Sunni: Oh, this is going to be fun! So, before I start with my grand inquisition, do you have anything you’d like to say by way of introduction?

Ellis: Um [pauses] I guess. I used to post as Ellis Wyatt at Liberty Forum [LF], and then Non_Serviam at The Boondocks [TBD], and until recently was hosting a news/analysis show on Ron Paul Radio under the latter name. I’m a confirmed jerk, so you have been warned. Caveat lector.

Sunni: Despite math not being one of my strongest skills, when you called yourself an “objectivist” and said that you preferred to be known as “Ellis” for this interview, I totalled that up as meaning that you like Ellis Wyatt. Any particular reason for choosing that character from that book?

Ellis: In fact, yes. [laughs] By virtue of the limitation on screen name length at LF, I couldn’t take Ragnar Danneskjöld, which was my first choice. Ellis, however, meets the same standard. In short, of all the characters in that book, these two are the only ones who openly exhibit a propensity towards violence, and though most fans of Rand will probably disagree about Ellis, I advise them to check their premises.

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