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Credits and Kudos

Thanks first to Tom Ender for being willing to collaborate with me on this project, and for all his encouragement and help. Thank you, Freeman, Libertarian Critter for creating a web site so beautiful I shamelessly copied its color scheme here. 1001 Free Fonts is where I found the Black Adder II font that I used to create the Salon logo and related graphics.

Thanks to all the friends who helped critique the site design: Bill St. Clair, Cat Farmer, Freeman, Jac, Mama Liberty, Lobo, Skeptical Man, Garry Reed, Chris Sciabarra, and F Paul Wilson. Extra thanks and squeezy goodness to the Salty Pig for testing and critiquing above and beyond the call of friendship -- and for tolerating my griping and complaining throughout that time.

If you've ever sent me a positive note or constructive criticism regarding an essay I've written, my work at FMN, or other words or work by me, then you can credit yourself in part for this Salon's existence as well. The encouragement, well wishes, and "you'll be missed!" notes I received after leaving FMN helped persuade me that launching another monthly column would be a valued, and valuable, endeavor. I hope you consider the Salon a worthwhile return for the value you gave me.

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