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Pursuing Liberty

Articles showing the positive influence of action in the pursuit of Liberty.

The Difference Between an Illegal Immigrant and Me

      By Robert Higgs from The Independent Institute

"Many of the Mexican children with whom I grew up might have told a tale similar to mine. The only difference would have been that for them, the origin of their migration to California happened to be not one of the states of the United States of America, commonly known as America, but one of the states of the United Mexican States, commonly known as Mexico. Was this difference important? If so, why? Do the lines that government officials draw on maps sever the heart of humanity?"


The Year of the Insurgents

      By Justin Raimondo from AntiWar.com

"Ending the war would send a signal to the markets that the worst excesses of the Bush era are over, and that the country just might return to some version of fiscal sanity before long. Naturally, I don't have a lot of faith in Obama's economic nostrums, which would be costly as well as counterproductive – yet not nearly as costly and damaging to the economy and the nation as a whole as the McCainiac program of perpetual war and unmitigated militarism at home and abroad."


The Prince of Pot Makes a Pitch to Conservatives

      By Jacob Sullum from Reason Magazine - Hit & Run

"Libertarian activist Marc Emery, who faces extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds to Americans, makes his case to Canadian conservatives in a three-part video...."


4 Out of 5 Doctors Recommend Marijuana for Your ADHD Kid

      By Annalee Newitz from io9

"A group of 124,000 physicians is lobbying the government to make it easier for them to study and prescribe marijuana to their patients. Once they've fully studied the drug -- something that hasn't happened before -- they're anticipating finding a lot of new, legitimate medical uses for the drug. Like calming hyperactive people down."


Life in Amerika

Articles depicting the negative impact of politics on the cause of Liberty.

Cops are here to protect you.

      By Rad Geek from Rad Geek People’s Daily

"Cops are here to protect you.... Please note that if you or I or anyone else without a badge and a gun acted like this, the people around us would more or less universally conclude that we’re belligerent and dangerous lunatics."


Homeland Security Won't Explain Why the Mexican Border Wall Bypasses the Rich and Connected

      By Melissa del Bosque from AlterNet

"As the U.S. Department of Homeland Security marches down the Texas border serving condemnation lawsuits to frightened landowners, Brownsville resident Eloisa Tamez, 72, has one simple question. She would like to know why her land is being targeted for destruction by a border wall, while a nearby golf course and resort remain untouched."


InfraGard: An Unhealthy Government Alliance

      By Gary D. Barnett from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"This is an organization created by the FBI, sanctioning individuals from the private business sector to provide information, sensitive and private information, to government agencies for special concessions."


Child Abuse by the Government

      By Steven Greenhut from Orange County Register via LewRockwell.com

"The forced removal came after the Tseglins came to loggerheads with the government over Nate's proper treatment. The parents are opposed to the use of psychotropic drugs and argue that Nate has had strong negative reactions to them. They point to success they've had with an alternative, holistic approach that focuses on diet and psychiatric counseling. The government disagreed, so it took the boy away from home and initially placed him in a group home – where he had the same negative reaction to the drugs that his parents predicted would happen."


Ordered Liberty without the State

Some people say it's Anarchy, some say it's not possible. It is an interesting topic.

Blame Anarchism?

      By Per Bylund from Strike The Root

"It is obvious that reporters and average Joes blame anarchism in ignorance; they know no better. But it is as obvious that the rioting punks try to free-ride on a thoroughly misunderstood and propagandized label. They don’t riot and destroy because they have read and understood anarchism as described by the great anarchist thinkers; they riot under the name of anarchism because they understand it the way it is used by statists trying to make people fear level organization and non-hierarchy. In using anarchism as a reason for destruction, they are playing the statists’ game and reinforcing the myth of freedom as a threat rather than a promise."


Our Enemy, The Presidency

      By Anthony Gregory from LewRockwell.com

"Every year in mid-February, tens of millions of Americans take the Monday off in celebration of the presidency. And while the average civics teacher will tell you that we do not appreciate our national political heritage nearly enough, the typical American is not only too respectful of the presidency on this day; he is far too enamored of the institution all year round."


Years of Lead: Autonomia revisits Italy post-'68

      By Erik Morse from San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Autonomia collects the various polemics, letters, and récits of these authors in an attempt to again dramatize the revolutionary and sometimes violent struggles between neofascists, unionists, and the ultraleft during the ensuing 'Years of Lead.' "


Money for Nothing

      By Jim Fedako from Ludwig von Mises Institute

"If you want to expose the absurdity of the state, think governmental accounting. Really, there is no better way to show the impossibility of a government solution to scarcity than by reading the annual audit of any governmental entity."


Spreading Decentralism

Articles demonstrating an increase in the dispersal of power.

Michael Pollan Debunks Food Myths

      Interviewed by Onnesha Roychoudhuri from AlterNet

"At once a scathing indictment of the food industry, and a call for a return to real food, Pollan's latest book reveals how Americans have been dangerously misled into adopting 'low fat' as a fundamental food mantra, and how most of the products on our supermarket shelves should be called 'imitation.' ... It's funny to think of something as domestic as cooking and gardening as subversive, but it is. It is the beginning of taking back control from a system that would much rather do everything for you." [I rate this the best food related article that I've read in a long time.]


Liechtenstein’s Tax War

      By Samuel Gregg from Acton Institute

"Europe’s governments don’t like Liechtenstein’s low taxes or the fact that many European companies avail themselves of the principality’s low corporate tax-rates. But that hardly gives Berlin the right to allegedly act as what is commonly known as a receiver of stolen goods — a problem compounded by reports that Germany is offering the material to other countries."


Planning to Lose Weight This Year? Supplement With Honey

      By Laura Weldon from NaturalNews

"Honey provides our bodies with much more than the hollow calories of sugar, corn syrup and other processed sweeteners. Honey is a natural substance, the only one in our diets made up of concentrated nectar from blooming plants. It contains trace amounts of protein, plus riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B6, folate (vitamin B9), vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. It also contains antioxidants, some found only in honey, which include pinobanksin, chrysin, catalase and pinocembrin."


Meet the self-healing rubber band

      By John Timmer from Nobel Intent at Ars Technica

"Even when completely cut with a razor, bringing the free ends together for 15 minutes at room temperature is enough to allow them to reconnect. The site of self-repair can be stretched to double its normal length without breaking. Best yet, the material is only a few simple chemical reactions away from vegetable oil."


The New World Hegemon

Depictions of the coming Imperial power

Lies and Spies

      By Paul Craig Roberts from CounterPunch

"The choice between FISA and the Protect America Act has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, at least not from foreign terrorists. Bush and his brownshirts object to FISA, because the law requires Bush to obtain warrants from a FISA court. Warrants mean that Bush is accountable. Bush and his brownshirts argue that accountability is an infringement on the power of the president."


Do Elections Guarantee Freedom?

      By James Bovard from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"The current system of government is structured so that voters effectively have to vest near-absolute power in someone. This is simply how the rulers and the establishment have fixed the game. Any choice that would deny nearly boundless power to the rulers is kept out of the sunlight by the powers that be."


Clintons Plumb Absurd Depths

      By Robert Parry from Consortiumnews.com

"Like the Bushes, the Clintons seem to believe they have some special entitlement to the White House, and thus whatever they do to get there is justified. The two ruling families function with a monarchical air that is unique – or foreign – to the American experience."


The Great Guantánamo Puppet Theater

      By Scott Horton from Harper's Magazine

"But as foreign media were regularly observing, there was something extremely fishy about these 'military' commissions. ... They had the appearance of being 'military,' because the courtroom scene on which all the cameras focused were filled with men and women in uniform. But as the Hicks case showed, the military actors were all like so many marionettes. Behind the scenes, the puppet masters were pulling the strings. And the puppet masters were suspiciously partisan political figures."


Politics by Other Means

War, rumors of war, and politicians fomenting war.

GOP politics in a nutshell

      By Glenn Greenwald from Salon

"We want more unchecked government power. You better give it to us, or else the Terrorists will kill you all. Give up more power to us, do what we say, and you can lay your head down on your pillow at night without a care in the world, knowing that we love you and are keeping you Safe and Protected -- Keeping America Protected -- like a baby snugly embraced in the womb. You want that, don't you? We want to give it to you. The House Democrats want you dead."


Why Is John McCain Running Against Robert A. Taft?

      By Justin Raimondo from AntiWar.com

"Any and all advocates of a non-militaristic policy of peaceful engagement with the world will inevitably be tarred with the I-word, and there's no way around it. The War Party, with its media connections and virtual monopoly on mainstream outlets, will see to that. McCain, whose symbiotic relationship with the media fueled his rise to prominence, is counting on this to position himself...."


The Mushrooming Clouds That Hang Over McCain

      By Alexander Cockburn from CounterPunch

"The US press has fawned over McCain the 'maverick' for years, but his colleagues in the Senate have long regarded McCain as a mere grandstander, posturing for C-SPAN's camera and microphone about wasteful spending, then meekly voting for the pork barrel items he'd been denouncing half an hour earlier. They snicker at his ... affectations of moral purity, noting such seamy episodes as McCain's imprudent association in his early years in Congress with Charles Keating, an Arizona bank swindler, ultimately convicted and sent to prison. They point to the torrents of PAC money pouring into McCain's campaign treasury from the corporations that crave his indulgence as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. "


A Failure to Stimulate

      By William F. Shughart II from The Independent Institute

"It’s an election year, so it should be no surprise that politicians are in the market for votes. 'Passed in record time' as a 'gift to the middle class and those who aspire to it,' according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Congress gave final approval in early February to an economic stimulus package that supposedly will help avert a looming U.S. recession. In no place but Washington would anyone think that putting hard-earned money back in the pockets from which it was taken in the first place is giving taxpayers a gift."


Spontaneous Order

Articles showing decentralized successes.

End the Cuban Embargo

      By David R. Henderson from AntiWar.com

"The case for ending the embargo has little to do with making Americans better off and lots to do with spreading American values – the good ones, not the bad ones – to make Cubans better off, both in their degree of freedom and in their economic well-being. And now that Fidel Castro is officially out of commission, ending the embargo would be easier because the U.S. government would not have to worry so much about saving face."


Google intoxicates Linux users with Wine improvements

      By Ryan Paul from Ars Technica

"Wine is an open-source Windows binary runtime compatibility layer that enables users to run some native Windows applications on Linux and other operating systems with varying degrees of success. Running applications through Wine generally provides a suboptimal experience compared to running the same applications on Windows, but it often works well enough to make it a viable solution for many users."


Thunderbird Gets A New Home At Mozilla Messaging

      By Thomas Claburn from InformationWeek

"Mozilla Messaging aims to build a community of open-source developers to do for e-mail what Firefox has done for Internet browsers. Its initial focus will be developing Thunderbird 3, which is slated for beta release in 2Q (without calendaring) and in 3Q (with calendaring)."


Honey Bees Give Clues on Virus Spread

      By Carl Zimmer from Wired

"All this probably gives beekeepers little comfort. But it reveals an important lesson that metagenomics is teaching us again and again. Whether scientists look inside a honeybee or look at the entire biosphere, nature is proving to be awesomely intricate. In the oceans and the soil, metagenomics is revealing millions of different kinds of microbes, with an almost inconceivable diversity of viruses shuttling between them, carrying genes from host to host. But we have almost no idea how these menageries work together, either in the biosphere or inside a host like a honeybee -- or a human."


Nonspontaneous Disorder

Articles showing centrally planned disasters.

Our Collapsing Kleptocracy (UPDATED)

      By William N. Grigg from Pro Libertate

"Occasionally the Mass Murderer-in-Chief will make a candid comment that serves as a core sample of his personality. Beneath the superficial affability that disguises his inbred sense of unearned privilege, below the dense-pack arrogance, hidden away under multiple layers of ignorance and corruption, at the center of his being, Bush is a creature of the kleptocratic State, in its crudest and most destructive form."


The Bonfire of Capital

      By Mike Whitney from CounterPunch

"[T]he Fed refused to perform its oversight duties because its friends in the banking industry were raking in vast profits selling sketchy, subprime junk to gullible investors around the world. They knew about the 'massive off balance-sheet positions' which allowed the banks' to create mortgage-backed securities and CDOs without sufficient capital reserves. They knew it all; every last bit of it, which simply proves that the Federal Reserve is an organization which serves the exclusive interests of the banking establishment and their corporate brethren in the financial industry."


Big Pharma Money Spent on Marketing Exceeds Drug Development Costs

      By S.A Ramratan from NaturalNews

"There is quite a bit of difference between the money spent on R&D and marketing. If we exclude direct-to-consumer marketing, of the U.S. $57.5 billion, CAM estimates that 80% of this money is spent on physicians. This means that, with 700,000 practicing physicians in the U.S., the pharmaceutical industry spent nearly U.S. $61,000 in promotion per physician!"


Land-Use Regulation and the Credit Crisis

      By Randal O'Toole from Cato-at-liberty

"[W]hat made American housing unaffordable? ... University of Washington economist Theo Eicher knows the answer: land-use regulation. ... Eicher has just completed a study showing that land-use planning is adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of homes in many states."


War Is The Health Of The State

War is the ultimate State intervention in society.

Why Do So Many Want To Kill and Torture?

      By Butler Shaffer from LewRockwell.com

"Without the illusion of deterrence, most of us would see the government’s formalized killing of 'criminals' as little more than blood-thirsty revenge, and we would be less willing to accept the practice. But September 11, 2001, changed all of that. Most Americans – cheerled by politicians, members of the media, and other sociopaths – succeeded in turning most of the country into a multi-million-member lynch mob. "


Empire and Burlesque: Permanent Bases Rise While Public Gawks at Geeks

      By Chris Floyd from Empire Burlesque

"Today of course, in our glittering 21st century of ubiquitous, 24-hour, multi-platform media access, we can watch geeks for free: all we have to do is turn to the latest reports on the presidential campaign. There we can see the revolting but fascinating spectacle of freakish characters willing to do just about anything – gnaw off a chicken head, lie like a dog, pander like a door pimp, crawl on their bellies to tongue a corporate boot, turn themselves inside out and shake their innards at the camera – to grab our attention and please the carnival's owners."


What Do We Stand For?

      By Paul Craig Roberts from CounterPunch

"Without the impeachment of Bush and Cheney, America can never recover. The precedents for unaccountable government established by the Bush administration are too great, their damage too lasting. Without impeachment, America will continue to sink into dictatorship in which criticism of the government and appeals to the Constitution are criminalized. We are closer to executive rule than many people know."


Threats of Our Own Making

      By Ivan Eland from The Independent Institute

"The Pentagon has long had a conflict of interest. The Department of Defense builds the weapons of war (albeit in a grossly inefficient manner using a captive defense industry that is a ward of the state). Yet the department also supervises and funds 85 percent of the intelligence effort to identify threats that those weapons, at least theoretically, are designed to counter. Thus, political pressure for more business from states and congressional districts containing defense industries leads the U.S. government to inflate external threats to justify ever-greater defense spending."


Bits of History

The Past seen with a fresh look.

A Sure-Fire Argument on the Second Amendment

      By Rick Lynch from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"The Bill of Rights was written by Congressman James Madison to fulfill a promise made to the Anti-Federalists after pressure from that group had cost him a Senate seat — pressure brought to bear because of his opposition to amending the Constitution with a bill of rights. The Bill of Rights, then, as any history book will confirm, came into being to satisfy the single most suspicious, vociferous, and relentless foes of the new federal government."


Kosovo’s Independence

      By Alvaro Vargas Llosa from The Independent Institute

"There is no easy solution to Kosovo. But if one delves into historical precedent, one can find certain periods in which the ethnic and tribal instincts among the Yugoslavs, or Slavs of the south, were attenuated by an environment in which people were able to go about their business without too much political intrusion. One such period was during the Austro-Hungarian empire, which was based to a large extent on free trade and decentralization...."


io9 Talks To Samuel Delany About Greenwich Village

      By Charlie Jane Anders from io9

"Samuel Delany launched his science fiction career surrounded with mutants and mind-freaks, in the Greenwich Village of the 1960s. So he seemed like the perfect person to talk to when I was writing an epic blog post about aliens, mutants and telepathic acid in the Village a while back. I got in touch with him with some Village questions, and he finally just got back to me. Here are his recollections."


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the National Surveillance State

      By Scott Horton from Harper's Magazine

"Olbermann uses the political 'f'-word with respect to the Administration’s cooption of telecommunications. He should remember that an obsession with their citizens’ private lives is a common feature of all totalitarian states and all totalitarian wannabes, not just the fascists. On the other hand, the cooption of corporate interests to undermine civil liberties does have a strong feeling of the last shuddering days of the Weimar Republic about it."


War and Peace

Articles showing the nature of War.

Iraq and the Kosovo Connection

      By Justin Raimondo from AntiWar.com

"How did we manage to mire ourselves in the midst of Mesopotamia, enmeshed in a three-sided (at least) civil war, with vanishing hopes of extrication – and the putative Republican presidential nominee hailing a hundred-year occupation? The key to this mystery may be traced back to an earlier act of 'liberation' effected through the vehicle of the Kosovo Liberation Army. "


Paying Insurgents Not to Fight

      By Paul Craig Roberts from LewRockwell.com

"With the Sunni insurgents now on Uncle Sam’s payroll, with neighborhoods segregated, and with al Sadr’s militia standing down, it is unclear who is still responsible for ongoing violence other than US troops themselves. Somebody must still be fighting, however, because the US is still conducting air strikes and is still unable to tell friend from foe."


Nested Partitions for Kosovo

      By Ivan Eland from The Independent Institute

"The most stable long-term solution to the Kosovo problem is to adjust the new country’s border so Serbia can retain some—if not most—of the historical and religious sites considered central to Serbian nationhood. Although the new state of Kosovo would be slightly smaller, it would be more secure and wouldn’t have to rely on the United States and NATO for protection. "


NATO's West Bank Nightmare

      By Ted Galen Carpenter from Cato Institute

"Washington is sending up a trial balloon about stationing NATO troops as peacekeepers on the West Bank. ... It is a spectacularly bad idea. If there is a silver lining ... it is that U.S. policy makers are at least not contemplating including American troops in such a force. Apparently, Washington believes that masochism is stronger among European populations than it is among the American people."


Great Individuals In History

Some people stand out from the crowd.

Scientist -- Svante Arrhenius : Feb. 19, 1859

       from The Nobel Foundation

"The idea of a connection between electricity and chemical affinity ... had ... so completely vanished from the general consciousness of scientists that the value of Arrhenius' publication was not well understood by the science faculty at Uppsala, where the dissertation took place. "


Musician -- Jimmy Yancey : February 20, 1898

       from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"Jimmy Yancey is the progenitor of boogie-woogie piano, a style that eventually became a recognizable element of uptempo blues and early rock and roll. The boogie-woogie craze came and went in the latter half of the Thirties, but Yancey had actually been playing in that style as far back as the 1910s and 1920s."


Writer -- Andre Norton : Feb. 17, 1912

      By Linda Taddeo from andre-norton.org

"Without profanity or graphic violence, Andre Norton weaves tense, dramatic tales. Her protagonists are frequently young. The virtues of the past, and of nature, are important elements in many of her stories."


Actor -- Jack Palance : Feb. 18, 1919

      By staff from TCM

"With his severe, strongly sculpted cheekbones, beady, piercing eyes and velvety, insinuating line delivery, Palance did manage to achieve star status, though he has usually played menacing, often dangerous or at least harshly unsympathetic types."



Books, Movies, TV, Media, Music, poetry, etc.

At last . . .

      By Tom Ender from Memory, Making, Meaning

"I suppose it makes sense now that the media giants have a new contract with writers and fairly thorough penetration for the DVD sets containing many of their most popular old TV series, that they would start to stream some of them on the ‘net."


No Depression, RIP

      By Jesse Walker from Reason Magazine - Hit & Run

"It's a shame. There's a lot of wonderful music writing online, but there is a particular pleasure in perusing a magazine that covers a wide breadth of topics that somehow, in the editors' hands, all feel like they're part of a whole. Every issue I read both taught me new things and deepened my appreciation for the things I already knew."


A Kinder, Gentler Dystopia

      Idiocracy reviewed by PintofStout from Murphy's Bye-Laws

"I wouldn’t call this movie a masterpiece in film making or storytelling, but it is a solid piece of work and seriously entertaining, to boot. Lurking behind that entertainment is a seed of truth that is germinating and growing even as we watch the movie. Just like any well-constructed dystopia, this future is closer than we think."


Mind Control Movies That Make You Scream

      By Annalee Newitz from io9

"Something about the mid-twentieth century got people really spooked about mind control. Maybe it was the Cold War, with all its brainwashy propaganda; maybe it was the prominence of social cleansing pundits like Fredric Wertham, who went on a successful crusade to stamp out 'youth destroying' comic books and nearly destroyed the comics industry in the process. Whatever the cause, people started mainlining movies about the horrors of mind control in the 1950s and never stopped."


The lighter side

Humor, satire, cartoons, parodies, food, popular music and other things to amuse.

We Believe in Richard Martin!

       from reason.tv

"Finally, a politician--or certainly a campaign ad--we can stand behind!"


Nation Of Andorra Not In Africa, Shocked U.S. State Dept. Reports

      By staff from Onion News Network

"The United States gave billions of dollars in aid to the wealthy European principality of Andorra, which it mistakenly assumed was a poor African country."


You Suck at Photoshop #7

      By Donnie Hoyle from My Damn Channel via YouTube

"Donnie Hoyle hots up a facebook photo for one lucky fan. "


Economic Miseries Measured by the Second

      By The Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty) from The Daily Reckoning

"A lot of things make me crazy, like watching a Fed chairman on TV as he testifies before the Senate Banking Committee, and I feel that the straps holding me down in the chair are working loose, meaning that I will be free, free, free to get right up to the TV screen, my nose almost touching it, to make sure that the damned Fed chairman sees me and knows that I am out here watching his every damned move, and I am so close to the screen that I know he can read my lips as I scream at him, as loud as I can, at every lie he tells, and I am loving every high-decibel moment of it."


Deep Thought

Scientific and scholarly studies, philosophical essays, in-depth and longer articles

Individualism, the Collectivists’ Nemesis

      By Tibor R. Machan from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"Yet, of course, it is always some individuals who make these claims and insist that they be the ones to decide what everyone’s obligation is to others, to the country, the nation, or the racial group. It is these individuals, after all, who try to secure power for themselves with the phony claim that we all belong to society and thus must be made to pay up what they decide with our lives and labors. This anti-individualism or communitarianism then comes to no more than the special privilege of certain individuals to run the lives of other individuals, to live off the lives of others who may very well have perfectly justified goals of their own that could be supported with their lives if they were left free to decide about such matters. "


The atheist's dilemma

      By Paul Campos from Rocky Mountain News

"Augustine's first principle of sound interpretation is that an interpretation is sound if it confirms the truth of the Christian faith. Indeed, for the perfected soul - which Augustine points out again and again he himself is not - 'diligent scrutiny' is unnecessary. For 'the pure and healthy internal eye,' he says, 'God is everywhere.' Dawkins, whose atheism is every bit as zealous as Augustine's Christianity, employs the identical interpretive procedure to reach the opposite conclusion."


The Van Buren Principle

      By James Leroy Wilson from The Partial Observer

"That's the Van Buren Principle: consensus opinion distorts individual judgment, but the individual's narrow perspective and lack of information makes objective judgment unreliable. "


They Shoot Browsers, Don't They?

      By Jeremy Keith from A List Apart

"Version targeting is not a bad idea. The choice of delivery mechanisms—meta element or server header—is inspired. As an optional feature, this could prove to be a real lifesaver in some development environments. As a mandatory millstone however, it strikes a blow against progressive enhancement. The proposed default behavior for version targeting in Internet Explorer solves the problem of 'breaking the web' in much the same way that decapitation solves the problem of headaches."



Articles not easily classified

The Tale That Might Be Told

      By Arthur Silber from Once Upon a Time...

"Perhaps they will recount the tale many years from now. Perhaps an old man or woman will tell the grandchildren the story once more, as they try to speed the descent of peaceful rest. It's one of the children's favorite stories. Decades earlier, the two major political parties in the United States had torn themselves apart in what turned out to be the last presidential campaign."


Evolution Run Amok

      By Garry Reed from River Cities' Reader

"While some people don't believe in evolution at any speed, other people, such as the scientific types at the National Academy of Sciences, claim that human evolution is speeding up. ... This accelerated evolutionary process could have far-reaching social, cultural, and political implications for the various races of the human race."


Jury-Rigged Jerry-Built & My Birthmark :-)

      By Marina from HotForWords.com

"Where did 'Jury-Rigged' & 'Jerry-Built' come from? And a fun.. stupid.. find my birthmark game!"



      By John C. Dvorak: from PC Magazine

"In hindsight, I have to conclude that the entire exercise was a sham, plain and simple. Perhaps it was part of a larger marketing effort to screw with Sony. And I am sure there is more to this tale than I know or can even theorize."


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