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Web articles of likely interest to individualists found during the week of Feb. 27 - Mar. 5, 2005.

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Political Liberty
Articles showing a positive influence of political action on the cause of Liberty.

A victory for privacy
      by Robyn E. Blumner from St. Petersburg Times
"Judge Lancaster was convinced by the argument that it is none of the government's business whether adults view dirty movies in private. He cited the famous 1969 Supreme Court case of Stanley vs. Georgia, which states flatly that the government cannot make it a crime to possess obscene material in the privacy of one's own home."

Vermont Votes No to War
      by John Nichols from The Nation
"Activists hope the Vermont resolution campaign will go national. Already, Amherst, Massachusetts -- which begins city council meetings by reading aloud the names of Iraqis and US soldiers who have died in the war -- has passed a 'Bring the Troops Home' resolution, as has Arcata, California."

This is Your Brain; This is Your Brain on Federal Drugs!
      by John Newby from
"In a major shot across our federal government's bow, the state of Utah just might tell the Dept. of Education and federal government to take the proverbial hike. They seem to be sending a message that integrity and results can't be covered up with the 'No Child Left Behind' piece of intrusive government control."

Life in Amerika
Articles depicting the negative impact of politics on the cause of Liberty.

The Padilla Ruling Is a Victory for Freedom
      by Jacob G. Hornberger from The Future of Freedom Foundation
"With Padilla, the Pentagon has tried to do something completely different, something that is alien to the American way of life, something that was obviously modeled on the procedures employed by the military regimes in Chile and Argentina, many of whose military officers were trained in detention and torture techniques by the Pentagon's very own School of the Americas, during their 'wars on terrorism' in the 1980s."

Tool Helps Seize Cars of Tax Delinquents
      from Motor Trend
"Sam Byers heard a commotion outside his house, but by the time he got to the window his Ford Explorer was gone. City marshals, armed with a new tool that photographs auto license plates and instantly matches them against a tax scofflaw database, had towed Byers' car right out of his driveway."

Down with the First Amendment
      by John Nichols from AlterNet
"The draconian assault on the rights of artists and communicators to express controversial views was broadly opposed by unions representing the creative community. Under the provisions of the measure, an individual talk-show host, filmmaker, musician or on-air commentator could be fined as much as $500,000 for producing an image or expressing a point of view that is considered 'indecent' by censors at the conservative-controlled Federal Communications Commission."

Ordered Liberty without the State
Some people say it's Anarchy, some say it's not possible. It is an interesting topic.

Failure Is the Health of the State
      by Butler Shaffer from
"We would go into convulsive laughter if such [failing] businesses were to plead 'pay us more money, and we'll solve these problems.' But when state agencies fail in their declared purposes, most of us line up to support bond measures or increased taxation to be spent on behalf of the failed systems with their failed programs!"

Radical Individualism Doesn't Work -- So Why Bother With it?
      by Ali Hassan Massoud from
"Freedom from dependence sounds good, but it also begs the question of how any kind of society can exist without some kind of 'dependence' -- even interdependence. Are we ever really 'free' of one another? Ö If we have learned anything from recent history it is this: Without a large and powerful state enforcement apparatus to compel them otherwise, people tend to affiliate with people like themselves."

Freedom Ain't Free: It's $2.57 Trillion Per Year
      by Anthony Gregory from Strike The Root
"So there you have it. Freedom ain't free, and certainly not the kind the government provides through its bribery, persecution, kidnapping, torture and murder. Perhaps if the torture and murder become expensive enough, the state will have to resort to slavery, which, as we all know, is the very pinnacle of government freedom."

Spreading Decentralism
Articles demonstrating an increase in the dispersal of power.

They Didn't Attack Switzerland
      by Bill Walker from Strike The Root
"Switzerland does not send troops to intervene in other nations. Switzerland does not spend tens of billions of dollars yearly to fund dictators around the world, nor did Switzerland donate hundreds of billions of dollars to the Warsaw Pact through bank 'loans.' Switzerland does not send billions of dollars worth of weaponry every year to the warring tribes in the Middle East . Switzerland has no enemies. Yet the Swiss are armed to the teeth and dug into every hill and under every building."

Why I Don't Have A Concealed Weapons Permit
      by bearman45 from America In Denial
"No matter what the excuse is, there will always be those who cannot stand the idea of self-confident and courageous citizens defending themselves, or as they put it, taking the law into their own hands. Well, that is exactly where the law is SUPPOSED to be in this country, in the hands of the citizens!"

Democracy in Saudi Arabia
      by Fred Foldvary from The Progress Report
"The negative feelings of many Arabs towards the USA created fears that democracy would be seen as an American or European idea not suited to Arab and Islamic culture. But the enthusiasm for voting that has been shown by elections all over the Islamic world has shown that democracy is seen by most Muslims as natural and rightful, not a foreign imposition."

The New World Hegemon
Depictions of the coming Imperial power

Bush's Brave New World
      by Sheldon Richman from The Future of Freedom Foundation
"The ideas embraced by the Bush administration and Republican Party are right out of the scariest dystopian novels, such as 1984, Brave New World, and This Perfect Day. The scope for social control in the name of health would be unprecedented in the United States."

Lost in Translation
      by James Ridgeway from The Village Voice
"She told her bosses that national security might have been breached when an interpreter with a relative at a foreign embassy in Washington actually gave wiretap information to the target of an FBI investigation. She claims these people are still working for the FBI.",webmondo2,61790,6.html

The Last Waltz? -- The Coming End of the American Superpower
      by Paul Craig Roberts from CounterPunch
"Interest rates will escalate as the government struggles to finance its endless red ink. Heavily indebted Americans with adjustable rate mortgages will attempt to sell homes just as rising mortgage rates reduce buyers. Real estate assets, the rising value of which have been keeping the economy going, will give back gains."

Politics by Other Means
War, rumors of war, and politicians fomenting war.

George W. Bush Fails to Learn from Jimmy Carter's Naive Human Rights Policy
      by Ivan Eland from The Independent Institute
"[M]uch as Carter discovered that grandiose public U.S. rhetoric about human rights and democracy can actually harm the common people in the targeted country, President Bush is on the road to relearning the same lesson the hard way. ... Even more important, the U.S. government can ensure that freedom flourishes within its own borders so that the United States can lead by example."

No Beirut Spring
      by Nicholas Frayn from spiked
"The West is happy to champion the superficial talk of democracy from around the region. ... [T]here are limits to how much democracy the West will tolerate in the Middle East. In democratisation, the West reproduces an image of its own system, in which the act of voting itself is what counts, rather than the content of the politics."

A challenge to US policy on torture
      by Nat Hentoff from Washington Times
"Not so fast, Mr. Yoo. There is the beginning of a bipartisan movement in the Senate Intelligence Committee to inquire into the CIA's renditions and 'ghost prisoners,' but surely it has to include subpoena powers and be a real investigation to be meaningful."

Spontaneous Order
Articles showing decentralized successes.

Academic Freedom and the Future of Civilization
      by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. from Ludwig von Mises Institute
"One lesson that history teaches is that the state never relents. It wants all institutions under its control. We owe our freedom not to the state's willingness to allow people and institutions to be free, but to the willingness of people and institutions to resist. The state is forever pressing its demands against the university, even as the university, even if owned by the state, bears a moral obligation rooted in history and tradition to resist."

Are CEOs overpaid?
      by Walter E. Williams from
"There's another important issue. If one company has an effective CEO, it is not the only company that would like to have him on the payroll. In order to keep him, the company must pay him enough so that he can't be lured elsewhere."

For Me, But Not for Thee
      by Lady Liberty from The Price of Liberty
"The easiest way for anyone to understand just what is a violation of rights and what isn't is to put the shoe on the other foot. If it would be wrong to preach Islam in a public school classroom during class time, then it would be wrong to preach Christianity."

Nonspontaneous Disorder
Articles showing centrally planned disasters.

Does Federal Student Aid Help Students--Or Colleges?
      by George Leef from The Foundation for Economic Education
"To the casual observer, such assistance helps students and their families afford the high cost of going to college; what they don't see is that the cost is as high as it is partly because of past financial aid. Also out of sight are the middle-class students who are priced out of college, who must attend second-choice schools, or who must borrow more than they would have otherwise to pay the tuition."

Don't Regulate Cyber Security
      by Benjamin Powell from The Independent Institute
"A governmental bureaucracy is almost surely going to be too slow and cumbersome to keep up with a field that changes as rapidly as information technology. Regulators are also likely to err in the direction of requiring too much security for fear of a public relations disaster. While firms also fear PR disasters, they are disciplined by profit and loss when they are overly pessimistic. Regulators face no such restraint."

Kill the Prescription Drug Benefit
      by George Reisman from Ludwig von Mises Institute
"The fact that Congressmen and Senators are now demanding government 'negotiation' of prescription drug prices is another reason for aborting the program. Such 'negotiated' prices are price controls. They are prices imposed by the government on sellers who have no choice but to accept them."

War Is The Health Of The State
War is the ultimate State intervention in society.

A Fascist America -- How close are we?
      by Justin Raimondo from
"Yes, war is the health of the State -- but a war fought down the block, instead of on the other side of the world, means the total victory of State power over individual liberty as an imminent possibility. To paraphrase McConnell, it is difficult to imagine any scenario, after another 9/11, that would not lead to what we might call fascism."

The Syrian Hoax
      by Harry Browne from
"If the mainstream press and TV news channels were to get their information from somewhere other than the U.S. government, they might help us to understand that the situation isnít as black and white as the Bush administration is trying to make it out to be."

The Intellectual Incoherence of Conservatism
      by Hans-Hermann Hoppe from Ludwig von Mises Institute
"Today, the continuation and preservation of the American welfare-warfare state is simply excused and promoted by new and neo-conservatives alike with reference to other foreign enemies and dangers: China, Islamic fundamentalism, Saddam Hussein, 'rogue states,' and the threat of 'global terrorism'."

Bits of History
The Past seen with a fresh look.

America's forgotten atrocity
      by Andrew O'Hehir from
"A unique hybrid people, the Acadians offered a wiser, kinder vision of settling the continent. Instead, they became the victims of North America's first ethnic cleansing campaign." A single advertisement viewing will give you a daily pass if you do not already subscribe to Salon.

'Politically Incorrect' History Has Neocons Steamed
      by Justin Raimondo from
"It is well known that FDR manipulated us into the war 'by the back door,' and this is readily acknowledged even by liberal historians who routinely note that our farsighted leader had to do this in order to gradually overcome the stubborn 'isolationism' of the American people. Similarly, the president's orders to the FBI to infiltrate the America First Committee (and even prepare an indictment for 'sedition') are hardly mysterious -- although, as Woods points out, these facts go unmentioned in textbooks."

Chechen struggle ignored
      by Eric Margolis from Toronto Sun
"Chechnya, a tiny Caucasian mountain Muslim nation of 1.5 million, has fought Russian imperial rule for 300 years. In the 1940s, Stalin sent almost the entire Chechen population to Central Asian concentration camps in cattle cars -- just as Jews were sent to camps in Poland and Germany."

War and Peace
Articles showing the nature of War.

Why Our Government Shouldn't Protect the Oil Supply
      by Harry Browne from
"I have trouble reading the minds of American officials (especially the dead ones), but it seems clear that American interventions in overthrowing the democratic government of Iran in 1953 (installing the tyrannical Shah) and in prosecuting the Gulf War of 1991 comprise at least two examples of war, destruction, and killing that resulted from the desire to keep the oil flowing to America."

Professor Stoolpigeon
      by Paul Krassner from New York Press
"It's no less ugly, painful or dehumanizing a description when applied to Iraqis, Palestinians or anyone else. If we ourselves do not want to be treated in this fashion, we must refuse to allow others to be similarly devalued and dehumanized in our name."

Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon
      by David Hambling from New Scientist
"The US military is funding development of a weapon that delivers a bout of excruciating pain from up to 2 kilometres away. Intended for use against rioters, it is meant to leave victims unharmed. But pain researchers are furious that work aimed at controlling pain has been used to develop a weapon. And they fear that the technology will be used for torture."

Great Individuals In History
Some people stand out from the crowd.

Essayist - Michel de Montaigne : Feb 28, 1533
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Montaigne essentially invented the literary form of essay, a short subjective treatment of a given topic, of which his book contains a large number. Essai is French for 'attempt'. Montaigne writes with a highly crafted rhetoric designed to intrigue and involve the reader...."

Poet - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow : Feb. 27, 1807
      by Roberto Rabe from
"Americans owe a great debt to Longfellow because he was among the first of American writers to use native themes. He wrote about the American scene and landscape, the American Indian ('Song of Hiawatha'), and American history and tradition ('The Courtship of Miles Standish', 'Evangeline')."

Singer - Marian Anderson : Feb. 27, 1897
      from The African American Registry
"She was asked to sing at the White House and was the first Black to sing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, making her debut in 1955...."

Books, Movies, TV, Media, Music, poetry, etc.

Gallipoli (1981)
      Reviewed by Tom Ender from Endervidualism
"This is one of director Peter Weirís (The Truman Show) best films. It is also one of Mel Gibsonís (Mad Max) best early films. With grim determination it shows the horrible history of WW1, the ghastly nature of war, how and why it attracts the young, the often numbingly stupid methods used by the military command and the special part played by Australians in that war."

"The Passion" vs. "Fahrenheit 9/11"
      by Jonathan David Morris from The Free Liberal
"If the Second Coming happened next Friday (Jesus 2: Electric Boogaloo, anyone?), and Jesus were interviewed by Fox News, he would be pro-troops and anti-war. He would gravitate towards the tired and poor no matter the state they lived in--whether in Red State rural areas or Blue State inner cities. And he would finger both parties for being the lying sacks of snakes that they are."

John Locke, Original Hipster -- The Enlightenment roots of counterculture
      by Nick Gillespie from Reason
"Enumerating the many moral, political, and cultural failings of dead white men such as Locke, Voltaire, and Jefferson, Goffman nonetheless argues that these figures helped create a framework that underwrote an ongoing social and scientific revolution that gives people more freedom to choose how to pursue happiness on something like their own terms."

The lighter side
Humor, satire, cartoons, parodies, food, popular music and other things to amuse.

Grim Fairy Tales for a Modern American Socialist Empire
      by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers from
"Aladdin's Magic Carpet: There once was a young man named Aladdin who rode a magic carpet with his pet monkey. Well, you just know that this has just got to be illegal somehow, so he gets stopped by the Highway Patrol who arrests his ass and send him to Guantanamo simply because he has a Middle-Eastern name." This is one of the stories, there are many more.

'Tony's Law' Would Require Marijuana Users To Inform Interested Neighbors
      from The Onion
"Citizens spoke before Congress Monday in support of Tony's Law, a Senate measure that would require all marijuana-law offenders to inform their neighbors if they're holding."

Bush Twins' T-Mobile Sidekick Hacked
"Barbara and Jenna Bush have become the latest victims in a rash of mobile phone security breaches. Ö Just as with last week's hack into a similar device owned by Paris Hilton, the private images, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other information saturated the internet almost immediately."

Deep Thought
Scientific and scholarly studies, philosophical essays, in-depth and longer articles

The Climate Debate: When Science Serves the State
      by N. Joseph Potts from Ludwig von Mises Institute
"Scientists, like the rest of us, have among their number many members of a certain very dangerous group: those who would govern. And like the governing class everywhere, they seek to govern without the encumbrance of having to tolerate dissent from those who pay their salaries and experience the consequences of the policies they emplace."

Once Again, Democracy Is Not Freedom -- (and We Are Not the Government)
      by Jacob G. Hornberger from The Future of Freedom Foundation
"After all, carefully read the Bill of Rights. You'll notice something interesting: It doesn't give people rights at all. Instead, it protects us from democracy. The popular refrain, 'We are the government,' is false too. After all, if we are the government, then why does the Bill of Rights protect those of us in the private sector from those in the government sector?"

Don't Blame SpongeBob for Child Obesity
      by Radley Balko from Cato Institute
"All told, the average American child viewed 900 fewer food commercials in 2003 than he did in 1994. That this same average child gained weight amounts to a pretty solid rebuttal to the theory that food marketing is a significant contributor to childhood obesity."

Articles not easily classified

Free to B&B -- Can liberals rediscover liberalism?
      by Jacob Sullum from Reason
"The experience of running a small business can foster an appreciation for economic liberty even among those previously inclined to give it short shrift. In 1992 George McGovern, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate who for many years personified leftish 'liberalism,' wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece decrying the government regulations that had helped drive his Connecticut inn out of business."

A Terrorist by Any Other Name...
      by L. Reichard White from The Libertarian Enterprise
"So why do we give this 'governmental' vs. 'nongovernmental' dispensation to those groups calling themselves 'government?' Clearly these organizations carry out way more attacks on civilians -- and kill way more of them -- than ordinary run-of-the-mill 'nongovernmental' terrorists could even dream of."

10 Ways to Protect Your Child From the ASVAB
      by Teresa Whitehurst from
"Parents, if you want to protect your child from military recruiters and the coming draft, you'd better speak up and speak up now. If you think your child is safe at school, think again -- now that Mr. Bush's wars are in full swing, he needs a steady stream of warm bodies for the battlefields. And the easiest warm bodies to get, of course, are the young ones."

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