Archive of Cat Farmer's Essays

  • The 7 C’s: an Ideological or Social Spectrum

    “[I]f there’s a key to ‘changing the world,’ I think people generally have the idea backward. Unfortunately, it seems most would rely on Control and Coercion — try as they will to hide that fact behind smiley faces and snappy slogans. They’d rely on government coercion (legislation and enforcement) to propagate their ideas.... Gandhi had a brighter idea: he said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’”

    published at Endervidualism on  June 7, 2007

  • Other People's Politics

    "Political organization seems insidious in its similarities to religion -- when one surrounds oneself with other believers, one gradually loses the impetus to question one's beliefs or actions. One becomes too deeply invested in the cause, too narrowly focused on the goals, too steeped in group ideology or collective mentality, too readily reinforced by the solidarity of like-minded ranks closing in around one, to step back and evaluate the larger picture dispassionately as an outsider might."

    published at Endervidualism on  6/13/06

  • Demonizing VS Deifying Dreamers and Dissidents

    "Dreaming and thinking are harmless pursuits - yet they're often astonishingly effective and productive uses of time. There's a deceptive element at work in the minds of people who resentfully point at the dreamer and accuse him of doing nothing."

    published at Endervidualism on  7/14/05

  • The God of Diverse Pseudonyms

    "Politics and religion, and the ceaseless conflicts that arise from them, demonstrate the power of the word - written or spoken - to entrap people's hearts and minds, as well as to liberate and enlighten humanity. "

    published at Endervidualism on  4/7/05

  • Other People's Business

    "Obviously, humans do find productive means of minding Other People's Business. Choice and agreeable terms have a lot to do with that. ... [Giving] me a right to mandatory 'service' whether I want it or not does not reflect my concept of freedom."

    published at Endervidualism on  1/20/05

  • Confessions of a Vegetable Addict

    "Candid appreciation of the nature of life takes into needful consideration the problem of death, and the brutal paradox inherent in nature that dictates a carnivorous appetite as an attribute of the dominant members of the food chain."

    published at Endervidualism on  12/7/04

  • The Problem with Voting

    "I object to the idea of making a sport of social dominance - in such a game, the only thing I find less palatable than playing for the losing team is playing for the winning team...."

    published at Endervidualism on  11/10/04

  • Crime is the Wealth of the State

    "Legislation turns non-aggressive personal behaviors into 'crimes' - gambling, recreational drugs, defensive weapons ownership, consensual sex acts, smoking, even home schooling. More regulation equals less freedom."

    published at Endervidualism on  10/21/04

  • Thoughts Along the Way  

    Verses."Author's note:  ... inspired by Lao Tse's 'Tao Te Ching', [this] represents a condensed version of a labor of love yet in progress, and may appear in new or altered forms in the future."

    published at Endervidualism on  9/2/04

  • We Are the Creator

    A poem, this from the Author's note: "We each have a hand in creating realities for other people, and other people's hands are all over our realities.... If God exists, He lets us be to freely create our own realities and invite Him into them as we choose (or not)."

    published at Endervidualism on  7/20/04

  • Of Love and Lust

    "A group of men determined to free the world of other people's tyrannies will enslave the world for the sake of their own and call that freedom."

    published at Endervidualism on  6/29/04

  • Mysticism VS Rationalism

    "Mysticism and rationalism coexist nicely when their practitioners respect the principle of inward authority, and peaceably refrain from projecting expectations outwardly onto others."

    published at Endervidualism on  4/27/04

  • The Mysterious Magic of The Law

    "Yet perhaps unbeknownst to ourselves, we have all fallen under the sway of a less secretive and equally mysterious brotherhood."

    published at Endervidualism on  3/30/04

  • Grassroots Movements and Giants In Haystacks

    "Look in the mirror: you have the potential to be a giant somewhere within you..."

    published at Endervidualism on  2/19/04